Code of Conduct

This site is committed to a tribe, a tribe Lou J. Berger and I (Quincy J. Allen) hold dear to our hearts. The tribe encompasses all writers and readers and lovers of science fiction. As our way to honor our devotion to the tribe as a whole, we thought we’d create a place where the tribe could share all things positive about SF.

If you love an author, here’s a place to shower praises. If you love a book, you can sing of its qualities here. Did you enjoy a convention or book signing? Then let us all know about it.

#WeAreALLSF is open to all comers, no exceptions, no exclusions, and in this place we treat everyone with respect, even if we disagree with them.

There is one rule: If you don’t have something nice to say, then say it someplace else. Lou and I will be rather draconian in removing those who can’t follow such a simple rule.

That is our one code of conduct.

Welcome to the tribe.

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