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We are ALL SF. It’s not just a catchphrase, it’s a philosophy. It means that there is a tribe that is, or at least should be bound together by our love of Science Fiction. We’ve all read it and watched it and loved it since we were children. This place, then, is for that child within us all who still wonders at the wonders to behold within the imaginations of science fiction writers and directors and artists. It’s for each and every one of us who is, has been, and ever shall be a devoted fan of science fiction.

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Quincy J. Allen

Quincy J. Allen, a cross-genre author, has been published in multiple anthologies, magazines, and one omnibus. Chemical Burn, a finalist in the RMFW Colorado Gold Contest, is his first full novel. He made his first pro-sale in 2014 with the story “Jimmy Krinklepot and the White Rebs of Hayberry,” included in WordFire’s A Fantastic Holiday Season: The Gift of Stories. He’s written for the Internet show RadioSteam and his first short story collection Out Through the Attic, came out in 2014 from 7DS Books. His military sci-fi novel Rise of the Thermopylae is due out in 2015 from Twisted Core Press. Jake Lasater: Blood Ties, a steampunk western fantasy novel, is also due out in 2015. He works part-time as a tech-writer by day, does book design and eBook conversions for WordFire Press by night, and lives in a cozy house in Colorado that he considers his very own sanctuary—think Batcave, but with fewer flying mammals and more sunlight.

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